Friday, July 17, 2009


The bad incident that happened infront of me where i saw peoples quarrel each other.
This happened when my friends and i went for outing on19 Mei 2007 at bus station which was located in Klang ,Selangor while we were waiting for a bus to go back to the hostel.It make me trauma as it happened infront of me!!!!!!!!!!!

The quarrel happened between indian . That
was the worst thing that i had never seen before. They kicked the victim cruelly
at his head, body for many times till the blood came out from the victim's face.

I was very shocked and scared. The cruel gang were very ugly ,evil and their face full with hatred.
Iwas pity with the victim.
No body help him. Furthemore, the bad gang also stamped thier foot on him
and slapped his face hardly. I think animal far better than him. I did not think
there had such person in the world.


Tioman island one of the most beutiful island in the world with white sand, clear and cool water. This island is located in Pahang. Although i had been there when i was in form 2, but Tioman islan is still fresh ion my mind.I had fall in love with this island. A lot of activities i had done there for example snorkelling, sauna and many mores.
The most unforgettable activity is snorkelling since it was very enjoyable activity where i could see a lot of attractive corals, fishesthat fascinating me very much.

If i can turn back the time, i wll surely do that.
In spite of the cost of transportation was high, but it was worthful for me and my family.
A lot of unforgettable experiences i got there and i will surely not to foget it
untill the end of my life.

I have planned to go there before i fly to Mesir,insyaAllah


Why must be like that. We will fly to Mesir before 'raya'. It really piece me off.
I really did not prepare yet to go to Mesir before 'raya'. One weekbefore raya. It really make me sad and shock. I just knew the bad new.. I am sure many of us are not agree with this. Really sure as we had prepare our 'baju kurung' for raya.
We expect to go after 'raya' but it only now become a dream that impossible to happen. However, i still hope so...But the date had comfirmed...

I miss to eat ketupat, rendang and satay. I miss them.
I always pray the date will change to October.
So that i can enjoy my self before study there.
six years and half are not a short time..But it is a long time.
Imagine when we go there, a toddler is now one year old and we come back the boy is seven years old
So long to study..
But never mind..I will enjoy my study in medicine
"When there is a will, there's a way..

Dr. Fatin Fasihah.
it really sweet yeah.
I am waiting for that. Hopefully,one day it become a reality. InsyaAllah


Science Innovation Competition SBP level was the first competition that i had participated as KISAS representative. Knowing that i was not a good student, it is impossible for me to win that competition. However, i really expect to win in that competition but it just built the castle in the air. Impossible!!!!.It still remain indealable in my mind when i go an article about nanomagnetic paper with my name written on it. I felt so shock and i cannot believe it as selected to take part in this competition. I realized that other students are far better than i am.But, why i was choosen to take part in this competition? since i was not fluent speaking in english like others. Anyway, i really grateful to my God!. LEt's talk about my invention, nanomagnetic paper is a paper that can store data in it. It sound impossible but it can be. It is function like a disk that can store data inside it. but the machine to store inside it not invent yet. Hopefully one day , i can invent the machine so that the nanomagnetic paper can be used

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


This story happened when i was form 4. I feel so sad when i remember this things.
It makes me trauma when i see thing things happened in front of me. A big fights happened between guys. It not a normal fights but it

Saturday, July 11, 2009


all jpa scholarship's students have to go to btn..
I was lazy to go there..
as many other works to be
that was my first impression to
after i went there
i was so lucky that i was
one who went there
who got a lot of knowleges
about malaysia
who become more patriotic to malaysia
my beloved state....
THere i learnt everything
about Malaysia
about politics, economy and social..
i was so grateful
to be the one who go
for BTN
Before this i was not interested to
know about politics, economy and social
as they only make me stress
especially today..
chinese and indian now are so brave
to voice out their right
they not grateful what malaysia
had gave them..
they should be grateful..
as they got a lot of benefits in Malaysia
Why they want to voice out their right..
Now, no kuota for malay in JPA..
What will happen to my generation ???
they have to compete to get
jpa's scholarship..
I am really pity to them
LETs talk about the programs in btn
First day, we have to listen to a talk
we must listen carefully as tomorrow
will have a test ....
the topics sound common but the
contents are very interesting
that make me love to listen..
THE next day,
we have to listen 2 talks
but not so interesting as yesterday
at night, we have examination
how about my preparation to face the test??
i was not ready..
just do the best
the third day, we were divided into 12 groups
and i was in group 3
i love my group.
Aisyah, Faten,Farah,Ciput,
Zubir,Ikram,Ammar n pp..
we win volleyball competition
thanks to all who involved in
PAK TAM was my fasilitator..
I was so gareful as our group was
all malays
so Pak Tam are free to view out
his opinion about all the races in Malaysia
Now i know a lot of thing about
politic in Malaysia especially..
I really dissappointed with Malaysian
leadership, pas umno and keadilan
Why they did not unite?
They love to fight each other
if politics in Malaysia continue like this
it not impossible that our freedom will take back
as we are so weak if we did no unite..
please do not be sellfish
do not be egoist
please think about comunity
especially Malay
please think about their race
do not do something
i love my race, islam and my country
i was so grateful when my race success..
if i was millionair oneday,
insyaALLAH i will help my race.
i will do that
i love to know about politic,
i hope i can be a politician one day
other than doctor
to protect malays right..

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

english assigment 2 really enjoy to write!!!!!


This story happened when i was in form 2
when i reflesh back what had happened
at that time
it seemed really funny
i had a best friend
really good and understanding one
and i love her so much
one day, she invited me to go to the shopping
with a hopeful face
that make me just nodded my head
without a second thought......huhu
we promised to wait at the shopping complex
at 2.00 pm on saturday...
it's okey..
I will wait there...
my sister
invited me to watch a movie
interesting one
i just agree with her
as i really want to watch that story as i heard that
it was very interesting story
i totally forgot about my promise with my friend....
pity her
i'm sorry dear
i really forgot about you
i followed my sister to watch a movie
after i had finished watching it,
what a shock?????
how about my friend???
Was she still waiting for me
waa... i had did a big mistake!!!!!
she would angry with me
without hesitation
i run to take a cab
to the shopping
where's she???
i did not found her there
i thought she had going back home
pity her3
how i'm going to face her tomorrow
a school?????
when i came to school on the next day..
i saw she had removed her place
actually she sat beside me in the class.
but now she sat far from me''
I knew she was angry with me
but how i want to say sorry to her???
I think if i just keep quiet and not saying anything
her anger to me will rise..
so i came closer to her place..
what a surprise ???
we together said sorry...
now i knew she also not came to the shopping complex
as she had promised..
together we laughed..
we become best friend again
i totally forgot about my appointment with my best friend